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Terry Feinberg Consulting Savvy Marketing Strategy Planning For Agriculture Small Business, Housing

Strategy, Marketing & Planning

Separately and collectively, they are essential to business or organizational success. The intersection of these three tools is where the magic happens. 

Not For Everybody

My professional passion is helping organizations set and achieve their goals. I have affinity and experience with agriculture, small business, housing & commercial real estate, 501 (C)(3) & (C)(6) non-profits, government agencies and issue advocacy. 

Terry Feinberg Consulting

Savvy Marketer

I can help you:

  • Tell your story.
  • Find your best customers.
  • Set your budget.
  • Brand your business...or yourself.

Shrewd Strategist

Strategy is about choices.

What to do, and not to do? 

That is the strategic question.

Form follows function.

Actions and tactics should support strategy.

Insightful Planner

Business planning, strategic planning, market planning. 

Too much planning can delay action; too little planning can result in wasted actions...or worse.

I believe in:

  • The tremendous value of the thought process.
  • Bullet-point outlines.
  • The vital importance of stakeholder buy-in.
  • Measurable results. 

How I Can Help

  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Thought Leadership & Content Development
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Project Management
  • Public Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Board & Leadership Development
  • Media Relations & Training 

Terry Feinberg

A Bit About Me

  • I’m a serial entrepreneur (two marketing agencies, two consulting practices). 
  • I was a general manager for a Fortune 200 (at the time) media behemoth (my choice of nouns should tell you something).
  • I’ve been CEO of two large trade associations, and served on the boards of more than a dozen not-for-profit organizations.
  • I’m a jeans and Tommy Bahama kind of guy.

And as for my photo selections:

  • Is there a better marketer in the animal kingdom than a peacock in full display trying to attract a mate?
  • The strategy employed by a family of cheetahs on the hunt is truly a matter of life and death.
  • If the rat plans his run through the maze, he'll get his cheese.
  • Smart, bold, efficient, determined, strong, majestic, misunderstood and smiling - a few of the reasons the Great White Shark is my favorite animal.

Working Together

If you want a suit and tie, reports that run dozens or hundreds of pages, and endless process and administrivia, we’re not going to be a good fit.

If you're looking for somebody who will jump in, not waste your time, give you straight answers and solid advice, and has the expertise and/or capacity you're lacking, perhaps we should talk.

If you have the budget and the need for a full-service marketing agency, contact Moxxy Marketing - there's none better!

If You've Read This Far...

Then something caught your interest: my style, my experience, my why are you waiting? 

Send me an email:

or give me a call: 408-483-7368

And let's talk about your needs, and how I might be able to help.